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History of the Cascades Club

Cascades Club 1926

The Cascades Club Incorporated is a not-for-profit community organization that was first established as a social club in 1920 on the west shore of the Gatineau River in the village of Cascades. It was used both by local residents and visitors from Ottawa for social functions and community meetings. When the Gatineau Power Company decided to flood the River in 1927 due to the building of a large dam at Farmers Rapids, they expropriated the Cascades Club and in return gave the Club membership $600 plus 3.25 acres of land where the Clubhouse sits today. In the spring of 1935 the Cascades Club became incorporated as the Cascades Club Inc. with the mandate:

“To establish, maintain and conduct a social and athletic club for the accommodation of its members and their friends, and to provide a club house and other conveniences, and generally to afford to members and their friends all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodation of a club, and to promote friendly and social intercourse among its members”.

It was that summer that the Club house was rebuilt in its present location today. Over the years the Club hosted many social functions (square dances, hayrides, movies, teen dances, beef bar- b-ques) and sports activities such as baseball and horseshoes. Due to a declining membership in the 60s and 70s, in 1979 the Club built 2 squash courts, bathrooms and winterized the Club for full time use. In 1996 country dancing was one of the main activities at the Club that lasted until the mid 2000s. In 1998 the Club started its first summer camp program using the waterfront property of long time member Witold Weyneroski for swimming and paddling. It was in 1999 that the Cascades Club began a rental lease with Hydro Quebec for the 50’ of waterfront property beside Air Cascades. In front of the newly acquired Hydro land sat the huge docking facilities formerly used by the boom boats from the log drive era. These docking facilities were converted in 2001 into the docks that the Club uses today. Now since 2014, the Club has a long term lease agreement with the Municipality of Chelsea for the waterfront property, allowing Club members to enjoy the Gatineau River and the many different water sports offered, such as dragon boating, flat water canoe and kayak, and just recently outrigger canoe.

The Cascades Club continues to be a social and multisport Club.