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Yoga classes at the Cascade club are offered by John R. Barkley and Zofia Kumas-Tan.

Yin yoga is a slow, deep practice. Yin postures are generally seated, kneeling, or lying-down, supported with blocks or bolsters, and held for 2 to 5 minutes The aim is to give the body’s connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments) a deep stretch, developing greater flexibility, mental focus, and relaxation through a mostly still practice.

Classical yoga is a practice that equally develops strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The postures are more varied than in yin yoga, and are generally held for several breaths (rather than minutes). As mind and body are united through the breath, the practice becomes a form of meditation in motion.

Yanumoja Yoga places emphasis on the whole person and has a continual flow of positions. In class the emphasis will be on the breath, total body movement (stretching and toning), core strengthening, and will end with relaxation. The classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and yoga experience.

Sept. 8, Friday morning 9:15 AM (8 weeks)


Sept.10 morning 9:15 AM (8 weeks)

You are welcome to “drop-in” to classes as well. First drop-in is free. After that, the drop-in fee is $15 for members, $17 for non-members.

For more information contact yoga@cascadesclub.ca.