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Rentals at the Cascades Club

The Cascades Clubhouse is available to members and non-members on a rental basis. Many weddings, anniversaries, meetings and community events have taken place in the Club over the past 80+ years.

Note: The waterfront property and docks cannot be rented out.

Clubhouse Rental Fees:

Members Corporate
Hourly $48.00 $72.00
Up to 3 hr block of time $112.00 $185
Full day $294.00 $440.00



The rental fee shall be paid before the event begins.

  1. A cleaning/damage deposit of $150 shall also be paid.
  2. No smoking is permitted in the clubhouse.
  3. Children are not permitted to play in the squash courts during private functions.
  4. Loud music and noise is to stop by 1:00 PM.
  5. Alcoholic beverages available ONLY from Club Bar. A Club bartender is available free of charge, if bar receipts total a minimum of $500, otherwise the renter is required to pay the bartender $10 per hour. The bar closes by 2 AM.

Clean-up Procedures

Please leave the club as you found it.

  1. Clean and replace tables, chairs and benches, etc. as found.
  1. Clean floor (broom and mop are in closet at bottom of stairs leading to the squash courts. Please put them back when you have finished.)
  1. Tidy and clean up the kitchen. Sweep and mop the floor.
  1. Turn off hot water switch in kitchen near door.
  1. Turn heat down (press “RUN Program” on thermostat.) Lock all doors and windows. Turn off all lights. .
  1. All garbage generated during the event, for which the Club was rented, must be removed from the premises. NO GARBAGE TO BE LEFT ON THE CLUB PREMISES.

Click here to download the rental form.

For information about renting the Clubhouse, please contact Cascades Club at

Dragon Boat Rentals:

For hourly dragon boat rentals, please contact