Devenir membre

Informations des membres L’adhésion couvre une période de 12 mois, à compter de la date d’inscription. Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour vous inscrire. Devenir membrepowered by Frais d’adhésion Individuel (18 ans ou plus) : 150$ (tax incluse) Famille : 275$ (tax incluse) Avantages d’une adhésion Bord de l’eau Endroit bucolique sure la rivière …


The Cascades Club is a not-for-profit sports and social club owned and managed by its members. The Club relies on volunteers who are greatly needed to help the Club run smoothly. Benefits of volunteering: Get to know fellow members Have a voice in how the club works Have fun Ways in which you can help …

Job Jar

  Looking for a way to volunteer your time for the club? Here is a list of jobs that you can offer to help with or better yet, put a team together and get’er done.