The Club


Boat Storage

Club members are permitted to store their boats on the outside rack. The club is not responsible for the safety of your boat. Please lock it up . Annual $150 Summer only $100 Boat Storagepowered by

Board of Directors

Cascades Club Board of Directors The Board of Directors of Club Cascades is elected at the March/April AGM and includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a number of directors. They meet once a month. Any member may attend meetings and are encouraged to attend President Monica Dashwood Vice President vacant Secretary Betty Pavey Treasurer …


Facilities at the Cascades Club Canoes, Kayaks, Outriggers and Stand Up Paddle Boards are available to its members as part of their membership benefits. All are also available to non-members on a rental basis. Becoming a member: Use our online form to register as a member of the Cascades Club. Field for Soccer/Sport Games: In …


Rentals at the Cascades Club The Cascades Clubhouse is available to members and non-members on a rental basis. Many weddings, anniversaries, meetings and community events have taken place in the Club over the past 80+ years. Note: The waterfront property and docks cannot be rented out. Clubhouse Rental Fees: Members Corporate Hourly $48.00 $72.00 Up …