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Cascade Club Waterfront Rules

Dear Cascades Club Members,

Now that summer is here, members will be enjoying the Club’s waterfront property. In order to ensure safe and respectful use of the waterfront, you are asked to abide by the following rules.

General Waterfront Rules

  • The waterfront is solely for the use of Cascades Club members.
  • The waterfront is unsupervised. Members use the facilities at their own risk. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult. 
  • Please be respectful of the neighbours near the waterfront and keep noise to a minimum.
  • We love dogs, but not at the waterfront.
  • There is no alcohol permitted at the waterfront.
  • Please take all garbage with you
  • There is a porta potty available at the waterfront.
  • There is a first aid kit and defibrillator in the boathouse.
  • Motorboats (other than coach and safety boats) are not permitted at the dock.


Waterfront Hours

  • The waterfront is open between 7am – 9pm weekdays and 8am – 9pm on weekends.
  • Our Multi-Sport and Regatta Ready camps run from late June through August. These are popular programs. To ensure the safety of the children, access to the waterfront is limited during camp hours.


Access to the Waterfront

  • There is no parking at the waterfront or at the top of the road leading to the waterfront. All members should park at the Cascades Club at 100, chemin de la Rivière and walk to the waterfront, either via chemin Jenness or chemin de la Rivière.
  • Please do not park or wait for your children at the top of the road leading to the waterfront. This is unsafe and disruptive to the neighbours.
  • Please be aware of the designated path that must be respected when walking down chemin Jenness. The coloured line is there to remind all campers and members not to stray from that designated path.  This is a very important detail! We are legally bound to these boundaries, and we thank you for your cooperation.


The boathouse   

The boathouse is only open during programmed activities. All boats available to general membership are identified and housed on the exterior racks. Paddles and life jackets can be found on the railway side of the boathouse. Club boats and other boats used in various programs are kept inside the boathouse.


Use of Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs

  • The Club has a limited number of recreational kayaks and canoes available for members’ use. These boats are unlocked and are clearly marked with signs. They are for short-term use only (1 hour) and must be returned to the rack after use.
  • Recreational paddles and life jackets are available in the exterior storage box located at the rear of the boathouse.  Please keep this container tidy and remember to put what you have borrowed back in the container.
  • The Club owns 2 outrigger canoes and 4 Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) that are made available to Club members.  Anyone wishing to book the SUPs or outriggers is required to complete a 1-hour training session. Reservations (1-hour blocks) can be made through our online booking system at under “The Programs”. For information or training on the outriggers, contact For SUPs, contact


Please enjoy our waterfront and have a great summer!

The Cascades Club Board